Plant Relocation

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    Irrespective of the reasons to relocate, plant relocations are some of the most challenging projects a company can undertake. To ensure a relocation is a success, they must keep disruption and downtime to an absolute minimum, as well as meet cost and timescale expectations. These complex factory and plant relocations require expert knowledge and experience, which often means bringing in an external specialist company. It requires endless planning and perfect execution to ensure a successful plant relocation. Since factories have bulkier expensive machines, it becomes more challenging to relocate them while ensuring the safe handling of the equipment.

    MWM Construction & Rigging has 20 years of experience with factory moves, equipment and machine relocation projects, including full turnkey factory relocations. From plant dismantling and disconnecting existing factories, to transporting them and reassembling and installing them at a new site—sometimes in a different country halfway across the world—we have the expertise necessary to complete such industrial projects successfully.


    Things to Consider in Plant Relocation

    Relocating a factory to a new location is the last thing on the company’s to-do list. Relocating requires moving the entire factory to a different location, setting up all the equipment in a new place, and ensuring the proper functioning of the machinery. However, companies that want to expand their business have to relocate their factories to a newer location. The relocating process smoothly runs only if you follow a strategic plan. The transition of the entire factory is not easy, and you must design an effective method to carry out the relocating process efficiently. Companies who wish to relocate without damaging their plants and machinery must consider certain factors before moving out from the previous location. Let us begin by discussing the factors factory owners must consider while relocating their company to a new place.

    Choose an Experienced Plant Relocation Company

    Since factory relocation involves relocating plants, machinery, and other equipment, it is essential to seek professional’s assistance. Many commercial moving companies have proper knowledge of disassembling and reassembling types of machinery. Therefore, factory owners must consider hiring professionals to relocate their factories. The relocation may cost a few extra bucks, but the moving company will ensure the safe relocation of the entire factory.

    Factory & Plant Relocation Contractor


    In the industrial world, there are few things more stressful, time-consuming, and costly to a business than a factory or plant relocation. A critical requirement of an industrial relocation project is hiring a qualified and experienced industrial rigging contractor to dismantle and move the machinery and equipment within the plant to the new site and reinstall.

    MWM Construction & Rigging specializes in relocating industrial equipment, plants, and factories. Whether you are company is moving down the street or across the country, we’ll be your industrial plant relocation contractor from start to finish.

    Turn-Key Relocation Services

    Some industrial contractors can only provide one aspect of your project. A&A Machinery provides the necessary trades for all phases of the project.

    • Project scheduling
    • Match-marking & tagging
    • Dismantling & decommissioning
    • Rigging & machinery moving
    • Crating, skidding, & packaging
    • Transportation
    • Warehousing & storage
    • Installation & recommissioning


    We can manage all phases of your plant relocation project which simplifies the scheduling of each phase and the communication between you and our relocation team. We’ll provide a single point of responsibility for the overall coordination and management of the relocation. Our experienced relocation project manager will work with you to identify and minimize potential risks that could threaten the schedule, cost, and successful completion of your relocation.

    Plant relocation services require detailed planning and proper execution of the plans. It is so important to hire the right team to help you relocate your facility. Incompetent staff will not only risk their lives but will put your employees at risk too. Therefore, it is crucial to consider several factors before you plan to relocate your factory.

    Read more about MWM’s plant relocation expertise and services. We have a vetted group of sub-contractors and partnerships with various engineering and architectural firms for complete design-build applications.

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