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    If you are looking to visit or move to Asheville,  it’s only right that you know what lies ahead of you. Fortunately, we have got you covered.  This page aims to inform you about the city and help you create beautiful memories in this city that you’ll forever cherish. After reading this page, you can be sure that you’ll be well-equipped with the information you need to get the best out of every second you spend in this great city.

    Without further ado, let’s dive right into the details and set the tone for your Asheville experience.

    What are Asheville nicknames?

    Asheville is also known as the Land of the Sky, Paris of the South, San Francisco of the East, Beer City, USA, and Dog City, USA.

    Wondering the city got these nicknames?

    Let’s clear the air.

    • Land of the Sky: The nickname was adopted from Frances Christine Fisher Tiernan’s novel titled “Land of the Sky.”
    • Paris of the South: Paris, France, is popularly known as the City of Light, thanks to the presence of world-class architecture, art, and food.

    And the city offers a similar experience to its residents and tourists. Little wonder why it’s now referred to as the “Paris of the South.”

    • San Francisco of the East: Hippies and Asheville go hand in hand, like macaroni and cheese.

    Like San Francisco, the city of Asheville is filled with hip folks alongside an increasing population of young entrepreneurs. Additionally, you’ll also find impressive food and art scenes.

    • Beer City, USA: In 2009, The city was first dubbed “Beer City, USA.” The reason is not far-fetched. Asheville has more breweries than any other city USA.

    The city has also played host to many annual beer festivals and brewery tours. And what’s more, its breweries are award-winning.

    • Dog City, USA: Asheville has always been a dog-friendly destination. However, it was only after the launching of the dedicated canine welcome center in 2017 that it has become known as “Dog City, USA.”

    Here, you will find many dog-friendly attractions. So, if you are a dog lover or owner, this city has a lot in store for you.


    Asheville is an exciting city in Western North Carolina, United States of America. It is nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains.


    Asheville is presently the largest city in Western North Carolina, boasting an approximate area of 45.95 square miles (sq mi).

    What is the population of Asheville?

    According to the 2020 United State Census, Asheville, NC, is the 12th most populous city in Western North Carolina, with 94,589 people and a metro population of 469, 015.

    What is Asheville known for?

    The city is known for its historic architecture, range of outdoor activities, and vibrant arts scene. Hence, it holds a lot of promises for both tourists and potential residents.

    How’s the climate in Asheville?

    The last thing you want as a tourist is to visit Asheville when the climate is unfavorable. This is because climate impacts the quality of your touristic experience.

    So, if you want to get the best experience, you need to visit when the climate conditions are favorable.

    The city has four unique seasons: Fall, Summer, Spring, and Winter. All through the year, the average relative humidity in the morning is 90% and 58% in the afternoon. Irrespective of when you visit, the weather will welcome you favorably, but the best time to visit will be discussed in one of the sections below.

    Summers in Asheville are humid and warm, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, you can have all the fun you want here.

    Generally, winters are mild, and serious snowstorms are uncommon occurrences. Springtime in this city is always a wonderful experience. The temperatures remain warm but not as humid or wet as in the summer.

    When is the best time to visit Asheville, North Carolina?

    If you are a tourist, you might be wondering when is the best time to visit the city. And the answer varies based on an individual’s preference about a must-do activity, weather, and budget. As they say, “different strokes for different folks.”

    Regarding this, here’s a low-down of the best time to visit Asheville:

    • The Low Season (November to January) — The best time for winter skiing
    • The Shoulder Season (March to April, July to August) — The best time for admiring flowers, kayaking, and attending concerts
    • The High Season (October) — The best time for seeing the autumn foliage

    Where is the Asheville regional airport located?

    The regional airport is located at 61, Terminal Drive, Fletcher, NC 28732. It is the largest airport in Western Northern California.

    You can fly non-stop from over 20 cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, Charlotte, and 8 other cities in Florida.

    Furthermore, the local airport offers 5 airline services: Delta, American, Allegiant, United, and Spirit.

    As you can see, you are spoilt for choice. You simply have to choose the airline you prefer. Whatever may be your pick, one thing is certain — you will enjoy a convenient and smooth traveling experience.

    While at the regional airport, do ensure to visit the amazing bar and restaurant close to the main entrance. You will be amazed by the delicacies produced in the restaurant.

    Where is the best place to live in Asheville, NC?

    Looking to relocate to Asheville, NC but don’t have the faintest idea about the best place to reside within the city? Don’t you worry, we have got your back.

    No doubt, this is one of the best cities to reside for anyone looking to access beautiful sceneries, good food, and quality healthcare services. So, if you are planning to move to this exciting city, you are making an excellent choice.

    After factoring in the cost of living, safety, and general quality of life, we came up with a list of the best places in the city for anyone who desires to start a new life.

    Here are seven places you should consider if you are relocating to Asheville:

    1. Downtown Asheville
    2. Lakeview Park
    3. Montford
    4. Kenilworth
    5. The River Arts District
    6. Biltmore Forest
    7. Grove Park-Sunset

    Where are the best places to visit in Asheville, NC?

    1n 2007, Asheville, NC, was recommended by Forbes as one of the best places to visit in the United States of America. Also, in 2011, it was listed as one of the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Locations in the United States of America.” As you can already guess, you are in for a treat. But amidst all of the beautiful places in this amazing city, specific locations stand out.

    So, if you are looking for the best locations to visit as an Asheville tourist or potential resident, here is our pick of the bunch:

    1. The Blue Ridge Parkway
    2. Biltmore Estate
    3. River Arts District
    4. Western North Carolina (WNC) Nature Center
    5. Botanical Gardens of Asheville
    6. North Carolina Arboretum
    7. Blue Ridge National Heritage Area
    8. Pisgah National Forest
    9. Asheville Pinball Museum
    10. Craggy Gardens
    11. Chimney Rock State Park
    12. Biltmore Village

    Things to do

    What activities can you do in Asheville? The truth is, there are many things you can do there. Skiing, Hot air balloon riding, Hiking, Bird watching, you name it, this city can make it happen. We have categorized this “things to do in Asheville” section to make it easy to choose an activity that suits you best.

    Check it out.

    Outdoor Adventure Lovers

    • Go hiking on Mount Pisgah, NC Arboretum, Pinkbeds, and Craggy Pinnacle
    • Chase splendid waterfalls like Douglas Falls, Linville Falls, and Moore Cove Falls
    • Explore the best parks in the area such as the Skate Park, Pack Square Park, Carrier Park, and French Broad River Park
    • Take a drive around the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway
    • Mountain bike on the Blue Ridge Mountains or Bent Creek Experimental Forest for Biking and Hiking
    • Have a picnic on the summits of mountains like Max Patch and BearWallow Mountains
    • Go on ziplines and hot balloon rides
    • Visit animals at the Western North Carolina (WNC) Nature Center
    • Watch Birds at the Beaver Lake

    Beer Lovers

    • Drink beer at the city’s most popular breweries
    • Try every local cider in town
    • Sip on beer in local distilleries

    Food Lovers

    • Have breakfast at Tupelo Honey
    • Enjoy brunch at a fancy downtown restaurant
    • Go on a shopping trip at the Farmer’s Market
    • Ensure you taste the cheese along the Western North Carolina (WNC) cheese trail
    • Get donuts at some unique donut shops
    • Try buying food from food trucks

    History Lovers

    • Take a tour around the Biltmore Estate
    • Visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial
    • Go through the art gallery at the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center.
    • Visit the urban arts and studios in the River Arts District
    • Experience the city’s art museums and galleries

    Sports Lovers

    • Play a vintage arcade game at the Asheville Pinball Museum
    • Throwing axes at Axeville
    • Playing golf at the Tropical Gardens
    • Climb Max climbing at SMAC

    Music, Movie, and Theatre Lovers

    • Attend a Music Concert at the Isis Music Hall or Grey Eagle Music Hall
    • Watching movies at the Carolina Cinemas
    • Watch Shakespeare on Montford Park’s magical nights.


    • Shop at Outlets like SKECHERS, Nike Factory Store, and Vera Bradley
    • Purchase books to read at Battery Park Book Exchange.

    What are the best hotels in Asheville, NC?

    Need a comfortable and exciting place to stay before you begin your house-hunting or tour around the beautiful city of Asheville?

    Here is a shortlist of top 10 hotels you can bank on for comfort and thrill:

    1. The Omni Grove Park Inn
    2. Grand Bohemian Asheville
    3. Abbington Green B&B
    4. Black Walnut B&B 
    5. The Inn on Biltmore Estate
    6. Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate
    7. AC by Marriott – Downtown Asheville
    8. The Residences at Biltmore
    9. The Reynolds Mansion
    10. The Windsor

    Top Restaurants in Asheville

    Whether you are looking to grab a quick bite before you get on the road or enjoy an exquisite meal, Asheville can meet these needs and exceed your expectations.

    Below are some restaurants you can trust to always deliver high-quality meals and laudable customer service.

    1. Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian
    2. Jargon
    3. Jettie Rae’s Oyster House
    4. Chestnut
    5. Sunny Point Cafe
    6. Nine Mile
    7. Limones
    8. Plant Vegan Restaurant
    9. Isis Restaurant
    10. Chai Pani
    11. The Corner Kitchen
    12. Zambra
    13. Fig Bistro
    14. Posana
    15. Pack’s Tavern

    What are the best Asheville NC campgrounds?

    Want to go camping with your family and friends in Asheville? Here are the three best campgrounds in the area:

    1. Park Place RV Park
    2. Wilson’s River RV Park
    3. French Broad River Campground

    Final Words

    There you have it; all you need to know about Asheville. With this information at your fingertips, you won’t struggle to fit in or find your way around town. Cheers to an exciting and memorable Asheville, NC experience!

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